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Project Orphan: The Forsaken


Project Orphan: The Forsaken is a nonstop thrill ride that follows the life of Vince Steele who was just a normal man with a dream to run his own company, then disaster struck in his family, and pushed Vince into a world he was not ready for.

His life went from working at a small start up to running a cutting edge medical facility.

As his staff of scientists go from experimenting on mice to actual children. Vince is torn as when even his own family turns their back on him. But only if they knew the true intentions of his labor was not to harm children but to make right of what went wrong in his life so many years ago.

Now Vince has to race the clock to fix what went wrong before it is to late and all of his work would be in vain.

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Trying to create a low memory version of Ubuntu 12.04 that is geared for Mini-Pc’s, netbooks, and older machines. So far the OS is still in Alpha but as soon as it is ready for Beta testers I will let you all know.

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