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A.I. Apocalypse (Singularity Series Book 2)

A.I. Apocalypse is part two in a three-part series (at the time of writing this it is a three-part series). I read the first book which I need to write a review for, but here we go.

William Hertling is not your typical author, from independent research I did on this author I found that he is also a tech geek. This fact was easy to tell from reading his books, he would go into great detail on how things worked and operated.

For example the concept of “Mesh” which meant nothing to me before reading this book but now I find myself using the term more often.

You see unlike other authors who would make a term “Mesh” and say something like “mesh is a group of computers that work together”. Mr. Hertling would say it like this “The Mesh was a point to point internet system used to send short wave traffic from computers that are close to each other. That way you don’t have to go to your ISP to download a file from a person you lives around the block. The Mesh Box that housed this service was no bigger than an Ice Cooler and encrypted data so it could not be hacked.” (i know this isn’t what he said word for word but the concept is there).

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6 reasons why your book isn’t selling #reblogged

This is an awesome blog post but I would like to add that another reason books don’t sell. It comes down to a bad title or book cover. With more and more people buying books online people are really buying a book by its cover. So having a catchy title, and cover art will go far in selling your book. Outside of my 2 cents I do feel that authors should give this blog post a good read before they publish because it is does lest some good reasons that people rarely think about till it’s too late.

6 reasons why your book isn’t selling


Reading Dan Abnett’s Embedded


7 Things I’ve Learned So Far: Kami Kinard #reblogged

I have not been published yet but I have taken several writers classes and I can say this blog post is 100% correct. For example number item five in the article says (5. Don’t be afraid to outsource.)


As you can tell by my URL it is OdianTheWriter not OdianTheEditor.


I am not the best at editing my own work (story telling is more so my strong suit). So I have hired a very good editor to read over my novels, and I can tell you they are not cheap but if you get a good one it is well worth it.


Anyway if you or anyone you know is looking to get into writing I strongly suggest checking this link out. It really does help clear the water on what to expect on your journey to getting published.