November 2014 Posts

Have Space Suit—Will Travel

I will admit it I use Audible so that I can “read on the go”. Well they had a ‘deal of the day’ earlier this week it was for Robert A. Heinlein’s “Have Space Suit—Will Travel”. Now I have read other Heinlein books one of which I enjoyed was Starship Troopers.

I didn’t know anything about Have Space Suit—Will Travel. All I knew was it was on sale, and it had a pretty cool outline.

The app that helped me fall in love with music again

I don’t normally give reviews for Apps because I feel like most of them just do there job.

Meaning Angry Birds is suppose to be fun so I don’t find it to be an amazing app. But an amazing app to me is Google Music.

It will make you love music again. The app is now fully integrated with Youtube. So if I look for a band or artist I like. I can see their Hits, Singles, Albums, and now Music Videos. Also if a song you are playing was turned into a music video you can click on a “video” icon and the music video will play instead of just the music.

I can’t tell you how awesome it is to play some of my playlists to discover there was a music video for it. Way to go Google Music you made music awesome again!