January 2015 Posts

How To DIY A Mini Hifi For Your Record Player For Less Than $100!

So you want to start a record collection but your on a budget? Too many people will tell you, that you need to spend a lot of $$$ just to get a basic bookshelf stereo. I am hear to tell you that is a lie! I have found a way to give you great sound out of your record player for less than $100!

Please understand this isn’t a guide to shop for stereo equipment at yard sales, or goodwill. This is with brand new equipment that you can get from Amazon.com.

I will show you what to buy, how to set it up, and how to troubleshoot any issues you might run into.

So get ready to save and enjoy your new album collecting hobby on the cheap all thanks to my DIY guide to making a mini hifi.

A DIY Way To Clean Your Vinyl

Don’t want to spend big $$$ on album (vinyl) cleaner? There are a lot of videos on how to “wash” you vinyl, or use wood glue to deep clean it, but I have a fast a easy way to do it. No need to buy a cleaning machine, or drench your album in tap water. The best part is you probably have most of the ingredients at home already.

Today I will be taking Stevie Wonders “Hotter Than July” that hasn’t had much play time over the past couple of months and give it a deep clean.