Big Brother is watching in you! In 1984! #mustreads

I was watching a episode of my favorite quiz show Qi hosted by none other than Stephen Fry. During an episode he stated that the book 1984 is the most non-read, read book. I know that sounds confusing but here is the deal.

According to whatever study that was made on this book. They found that more people have watched the movie (made for TV or theatrical version) than have actually read the book, and as we all know books are normally better than the movies. For that reason alone I decided to find a copy of this book and give it a shot. At over 300 pages I hope to knock this one out before Christmas. That is if I can find the time with the holiday rush to sit down and read.

Odian Levy

Auther of Project Orphan: The Forsaken, and creator of Blandbuntu. I enjoy's working on wordpress pages, taking photos of nature, and making friends online. Follow me on twitter @OdianTheWriter

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