Create a media PC for your mini van/car/home for less than $100!


So you have a problem, you are about to go on a long car ride and the kids want to be entertained. Well before you start shelling out money for iPads for the kids. I found a cheap way to get a media PC in your car or van. Now granted if you already have a TV in your vehicle then this video will show you how to hook up a media PC to your TV’s. If you don’t I have added some optional parts you can pick up that will get the job done.
Now this media PC is going to be on a Raspberry Pi Spec B. It doesn’t have a ton of power but it will get the job done when it comes to playing videos from your thumb drive, or hard drive. It can run off of the power from your car charger so I suggest if your car doesn’t have 2 chargers in it already you invest in getting one of the dual chargers.

Here is the parts list for this Media PC Hack
Raspberry Pi Model B   $30

Case   $10

8gb SD Card  $5

Microphone To RCA $3

Video rca cable  $2
PC remote                   $10

250gb USB Hard Drive $37

Now for those of you who don’t have a TV in the car you can use these parts below to add a tv setup to the car.

First follow all the steps above. Then use the HDMI cable that comes with this LCD Screen to plug your media PC to it. (you will have both audio and video when you do this.

Then plug the Bestek into your cars cigarette lighter. Then plug the AC adapter for the screen into the Besteck and you have power. Now you can enjoy the TV in the car.
Optional Parts
Tontec® 7 Inch High Resolution 1024*600 TFT LCD Screen Display Monitor $70

BESTEK® Dual 110V AC outlets and Dual USB 3.1A 300w power inverter car dc 12v to 110v ac inverter $28
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