Debunking the myth around Whiskey Stones!!!

You want to chill your favorite whiskey drink and you keep seeing these Whiskey Stones everywhere.

Some videos claim that whiskey stones are supposed to lower the temperature of your favorite Scotch or Whiskey by 7-15 degrees. Many of the videos seem to be made just to sell you Whiskey Stones without providing you proof that they work.

But I am not contracted by anyone to do this video. I am just a regular guy trying to show you the truth about this product

So now your thinking “do they work?”

Well watch this video where I am going to compare whiskey stones I got online to normal everyday ice and show you what is fact and what is fiction.

Real Whiskey drinkers do not chill their drink and prefer their drinks at room temperature.

The point of putting ice or water into your whiskey is either chill the drink so that it is smoother to drink, or water down the flavor to take the edge or bite off the drink.

The issue with using ice is once it brings the temperature down on the drink you have to drink it quicker as to not also water down the drink.

This is where whiskey stones come in. They are suppose to chill the drink without watering it down. So you get the best of both worlds a chilled drink without the threat of it getting diluted.

Odian Levy

Auther of Project Orphan: The Forsaken, and creator of Blandbuntu. I enjoy's working on wordpress pages, taking photos of nature, and making friends online. Follow me on twitter @OdianTheWriter

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