How I became 50% more productive and wrote more in 3 days then I did in 1 week.


So the one thing every writer claims is that they do not have enough time to write. Now this tip I am going to give you will help you be more productive but first let me tell you how I came to this obvious solution.

I know many of you use Word, ywriter or scriverner to do your writing. They are all great apps but they require you to lug your laptop around everywhere you go. I always felt there has to be a way around this.

This is when I had my “ah-ha moment”. I had family staying at my house off and on for about three months. My problem was the spare room doubles as my office. I would get up at 4am and not be able to write. So I would watch TV until my guest would wake up then rush to my office and try to write down anything I could.

I tried a pen and pad but even then I would have to remember where I put it every morning.

I was mad I mean I have a laptop,a tablet,and smartphone. I was shocked to find there aren’t many apps out there that let’s me write documents on all 3. Then I remembered Google docs!

Because I use Linux and Windows on my laptop I found app to be amazing. Now I write on my tablet when I get inspired. I can write on my phone when I am on the go. Then finally I could use any OS (Windows, Linux, or Mac OS X) and just write. I no longer felt restrained to my laptop.

What makes this so amazing is I can write my documents offline so even in airplane mode I can still be productive!

Think about it your phone/tablet has auto-correct, plus voice to text so why not use it for something other than texting or updating social media.

Now once I write whatever I need down,  then when I have the time I just update my word documents; but I found lately that I solely right in Google Docs.

In fact, I wrote this whole article on my phone while waiting to get a haircut.

So give it a shoot you will be surprised how much more you can do.

Odian Levy

Auther of Project Orphan: The Forsaken, and creator of Blandbuntu. I enjoy's working on wordpress pages, taking photos of nature, and making friends online. Follow me on twitter @OdianTheWriter

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