Podcasting again

I am getting tired of sending query letters that have come back as a bust. So I am going back to my second love Podcasting. As you guys know I am a jack of many trades and I am working on a Podcast that gives me the ability to vent about things that I have seen working at a ‘9 to 5’.

The topics will be deep and wide. The plan is to have a daily podcast Mon-Fri with episodes being 15 minutes or less. Some of the topics I plan on talking about is working with integrity, how unemployment works, etc.

My hope is that this podcast will fill a void I have seen in podcasts today. Many content creators focus on being a entrepreneur, or being a supervisor. I wanted to focus on the everyday worker. Someone that has to go into the office but wants more out of life. Which is why I am creating this podcast in hopes to give people more knowledge on how to become a better person, so they can do better in their lives.

Not to flood this page with every episode I will only attach the playlists to my blog so that I won’t have to keep two sites up-to-date.

Odian Levy

Auther of Project Orphan: The Forsaken, and creator of Blandbuntu. I enjoy's working on wordpress pages, taking photos of nature, and making friends online. Follow me on twitter @OdianTheWriter

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