Secure your network like a Fortune 500 Company

So I made a Udemy course a while back based off of an experiment I did at home. Now most of you know I am more than just a writer I am also a IT nerd. From time to time I stumble on something amazing.

Here is what happened. I had family members over my home and they were on my wifi (like most people do). While they were on their tablets, and laptop surfing the web one of them went on a site that had a virus. That virus got on to their machine. Then tried to infect my entire network. This virus was so crazy it started to slow down my home internet.

This is when I had an idea to apply some of the skills I learned in the IT field at home. That is how this course was born. I know every great network admin when they setup a network for any company big or small at it’s core is a way to protect the users from the online boogieman.

Armed with this knowledge I tried to find any FREE software that is out there to do the job. Thankfully with my Linux admin skills I was able to find a way to add a Firewall and Content Filter for my network which keeps my family safe.

This technique is so effective that this same family member came back to my home after they were hit will some malware that closed any running programs, played ads in the background of their machine, and pop up random porn sites. I let the machine on my network and my system was so effective the malware just stopped running. I was able to run the some cleaning apps from the machine and it was running as good as new moments later.

Now you’re wondering “How does this work?”.

Well a Firewall is designed to let traffic in and out of your network. When you have a Firewall not on your laptop but on your network it looks at all of the traffic coming though it to make sure only what is allowed is getting online. So in the case of the virus that ran like Hulkamania all over my network. A Firewall would have saw the odd nature this virus was trying to get online and block it.

With the Content Filter it looks at the sites you go to and makes sure none of them are blacklisted. Meaning that if the site you are going on is known for having a virus/malware/spyware it will stop you from getting to the site. Like when a popup comes up from another site. It would see that and block it. Also a Active Content Filter looks at the text and the code the site is using to see if the site might be trying to hack your computer and block you access to the site.

I know this sounds pretty high tech for a home network but this is where the world is today. With hackers loading apps on your machine that blocks you access to family photos, important documents, and videos. Then they turn around and send you a message saying for $$$ they will give you a code so you can get access to your own information. It is not fair to us normal internet users and the only way to fight back is to keep our home networks safe.

Think of the car, when it was first made there were no seatbelts, ABS brakes, or air bags. As time moved on we demanded more safety. Which is why I made this course to add safety features to your home network. Safety features that internet service provider (ISP) like Time Warner, Comcast, Verizon, or ATT won’t provide their customers.

Now if the big news is how much this is going to cost you. Well if you already have a spare laptop or desktop the good news is this. The cost to do all of is FREE that is right FREE every app I use is totally and will forever be FREE. All you have to pay for is the course to teach you how to use these apps correctly and effectively.

If you do not have a spare machine in the house you can pick up almost any used computer to secure to your network. As long as the machine can run Windows XP or Vista and have 2GB of ram you will be fine.

You might be thinking now “What do you need to know to do this class?”. Well knowing how to turn your pc on, how to plug a network cableĀ  into your home router and to this spare PC, and knowing how to plug in a usb thumb drive is about all you will need to know. I will teach you the rest. I give step by step instructions that almost anyone can follow. The troubleshooting as well in case you run into issues.

So don’t let your family or small business suffer sign up for Secure your network like a Fortune 500 Company TODAY!

The first 500 will get $10 off the cost of this course by using Udemy coupon code SaveBig500 or you can click on this link to get the $10 taken off automatically.

Odian Levy

Auther of Project Orphan: The Forsaken, and creator of Blandbuntu. I enjoy's working on wordpress pages, taking photos of nature, and making friends online. Follow me on twitter @OdianTheWriter

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