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How I became 50% more productive and wrote more in 3 days then I did in 1 week.


So the one thing every writer claims is that they do not have enough time to write. Now this tip I am going to give you will help you be more productive but first let me tell you how I came to this obvious solution.

Secure your network like a Fortune 500 Company

So I made a Udemy course a while back based off of an experiment I did at home. Now most of you know I am more than just a writer I am also a IT nerd. From time to time I stumble on something amazing.

Here is what happened. I had family members over my home and they were on my wifi (like most people do). While they were on their tablets, and laptop surfing the web one of them went on a site that had a virus. That virus got on to their machine. Then tried to infect my entire network. This virus was so crazy it started to slow down my home internet.

This is when I had an idea to apply some of the skills I learned in the IT field at home. That is how this course was born. I know every great network admin when they setup a network for any company big or small at it’s core is a way to protect the users from the online boogieman.

Armed with this knowledge I tried to find any FREE software that is out there to do the job. Thankfully with my Linux admin skills I was able to find a way to add a Firewall and Content Filter for my network which keeps my family safe.

This technique is so effective that this same family member came back to my home after they were hit will some malware that closed any running programs, played ads in the background of their machine, and pop up random porn sites. I let the machine on my network and my system was so effective the malware just stopped running. I was able to run the some cleaning apps from the machine and it was running as good as new moments later.

Now you’re wondering “How does this work?”.