About Me

I like to say thank you for coming to my page and taking interest in learning more about me Odian The Writer. I like to start my bio by saying that writing is a hobby of mine and not my profession. So most of my articles have been written, lightly edited by me, and pushed online. I don’t have a degree, or do this for a living. But I’ve been writing solidly for over 10 years. I’ve written on blogs, entertainment websites, and for fiverr. 

And even though my writing goes across the Spectrum I enjoy educating people and entertaining people. So what you won’t find on this website is a boring day by account of my work but you will find things that will entertain you, teach you, and excite you. 

Because facts are facts, not everybody has the most interesting life in the world and being the private person that I am. I find that it’s better to teach you things then having to explore the nuances of my own life. Although from time to time I will dip into some of my side hobbies just so people can understand the things that interest me. But I don’t expect to do any writing about my family or my life growing up. 

On top of these things I plan on writing articles that will help inspire you to overcome your own hurdles, explore new worlds Within, and the occasional updates of my projects that are writing related.

Which leads to some of my hobbies outside of writing. I collect records, I’m a cloud computing hobbyist,  and I enjoy things that teach you how to do more with what you have. So you can expect some of those kinds of articles as well.

If you like to know me further you can always follow me on social media, or send me an email if you just like to chat.